Your textbooks are immediately available in a digital version
Students and their families need tools that are easy to use and that help them quickly achieve their goals.Thanks to the essential collaboration of Publishers, bSmart has designed the Class textbooks area, specifically devoted to the list of the books chosen for the current school year.

From 25th August 2022

Access your textbooks on trial... no activation needed!

Until the 31st October 2022 students can freely read the digital versions of the textbooks published on bSmart and selected by their class. The trial period enables them to immediately access all the text and multimedia resources enriching the books: so the lesson can start right away!

What you need to access the Class textbooks area

Update or enter the data about the school and class attended for the current year


Go to and explore the Class textbooks area

Activate the digital version or purchase your copy

What happens after the 31st October? To continue using ebooks on My bSmart, you'll need to activate them according to the procedures defined by each Publisher.

But don't worry! Just follow the wizard starting right from each book in the Class textbooks area.
If you haven't a copy of your text yet, you can purchase the print version using the link to Amazon, or take advantage of the link to bSmart Store (if available) to get only the digital version. Always starting from the list of the books in use in your class.

Are you interested in learning more about the Class textbooks area?