Argo and bSmart together for your school

Virtual classrooms, live video lessons, digital textbooks and multimedia
learning resources: access bSmart educational ecosystem directly from your Argo electronic class register.

I'm already registered
to bSmart

1. Log in using your bSmart credentials.

2. You'll be redirected to the Connected accounts section of your bSmart profile.

3. Select Argo.

4. Enter your Argo access data.*

I'm not registered
to bSmart

1. Click on the LOG IN WITH ARGO button and enter your Argo credentials.*

2. Add the missing data to complete your profile on bSmart.

3. Agree to bSmart's privacy policy and terms of use.


*are you a parent?

If you use an Argo account associated with a parent role, you will be registered to bSmart under your name as a student with more than 14 years, and you will access the platform's feature with this role.

Any doubts about how to continue? Read more in our FAQs.