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Each student has a unique personal story and experiences the world with curious eyes and the loving guidance of a family.
Families and school play a pivotal role in children' and young people's personal development. And therefore school is the place where everybody should feel free to express their own qualities: each person acquires new skills following different paths, that are always effective.
That's why we've created an educational environment where all the students can find their own approach to learning, according to their specific needs and inclinations.
Quality support for everybody's learning

A tailor-made ecosystem for students

bSmart provides a flexible, easy-to-use platform that is rich in tools, where students can learn in a safe environment, working together with their teachers. bSmart is integrated with a virtual classroom, therefore students can keep in touch with their teachers even outside school, while parents can monitor their children's activities and progress.

Why you should study with bSmart

Books Books. To access all your textbooks in a single library.
Tools Tools. To customise the book pages with notes, maps and much more.
Sharing Sharing. To go on working in the virtual classrooms managed by the teachers and do your homework at home.
Cross platform Cross platform. To use your content through the Web, desktop and tablet apps.
Synchronisation Synchronisation. To have activities immediately available on all your devices.
Offline Offline. To study even without an active Internet connection.
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Quality support for everybody's learning

It might happen to encounter obstacles during one's studies and for this reason we've worked to provide a concrete solution to overcome them: bSmart Tutors.
This is not just another website for online private lessons, but rather a specialised service offering personalised study plans arranged together with a student's parents. Only in this way we can help children to live their educational path in the best way.
Moreover, bSmart Tutors is really thought for everybody: many of the tutors on the platform are specialising in supporting students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and other Special Educational Needs.
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Any questions? We're here to help you

Our customer care website provides step-by-step guides to use bSmart platform, including a FAQs section and a lot of useful tips about all our services.
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