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We've been studying Italian school for more than ten years: bSmart is the result of this experience and it keeps evolving every day thanks to the inspiration we get from the teachers we meet all over the country.

Technology as a teaching tool

Technology as a teaching tool

We believe digital innovation should be at the service of education. But these tools can only support teaching if they are suitable for all: the most powerful technology is the one you can't see directly but that enables you to work better.

A complete and flexible platform

A complete and flexible platform

That's why we've designed bSmart as a fully-integrated educational ecosystem. Each environment is dedicated to a specific aspect of teaching, but when it is used together with the other environments, this results in a suite perfectly fitting any educational need.
easy to use EASY TO USE
An environment to manage every step of the teaching activities: from the textbooks to the organisation of your personal resources and the tasks in a virtual classroom. Are you offline? Keep working with the content saved on your device.
complete COMPLETE
Personalise the pages of your books with the integrated annotations tools and create mind maps for your lessons. Use Classroom to enhance your teaching experience, to assign activities and to engage all your students.
utile USEFUL
A lot of ready-to-use free content for your lessons and many initiatives for registered teachers. And you don't need an interactive whiteboard to use bSmart: manage your teaching and keep in touch with your students just with your computer or tablet!

My bSmart and Classroom:

The perfect match for an engaging teaching experience

Work directly on the pages of your book: underline, take notes, explore the multimedia content provided by publishers or enrich your lessons creating materials on your own.
Thanks to My bSmart and bSmart Classroom you have the ideal tool to manage your lessons more easily by engaging all your students!

My bSmart and Classroom
  • Use your digital books on- and offline
  • Take notes with the tools integrated into your book
  • Add personal materials
  • Create mind maps for your lessons
  • Create and manage virtual classrooms
  • Assign homework and activities to the whole class or to smaller groups
  • Use the wall to share information
  • Check the results achieved by the class or by single students
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A quality support for your lessons: free resources for teachers

The “Risorse gratuite per le tue lezioni” book provides you with a valuable collection of materials including suggestions, videos and documents to enhance your lessons. And all these resources are free, only for you.
Explore the content organised by subject or discover our specific materials for teaching. bSmart's editorial staff is always searching for new sources and the book is continuously updated.
You can access the resources book right now: you'll find it in your library, immediately after your registration!
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Any questions? We're here to help you

Our customer care website provides step-by-step guides to use bSmart platform, including a FAQs section and a lot of useful tips about all our services.
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